FreeStyle Optium NEO

FreeStyle Optium Neo glucose meter is designed for patients who need insulin therapy for blood glucose and ketone monitoring, as well as an overall ease of diabetes.

Key features of glucose meter FreeStyle Optium NEO:

  • Simple blood glucose testing
  • β-ketone blood testing possibility
  • No calibration required
  • Simple blood glucose testing
  • Large, touchscreen display with a backlight
  • Indication of high and low blood glucose trends
  • Large memory (450 readings), including readings of averages

Test Strips

FreeStyle Optium

FreeStyle Optium test strips provide easy and reliable blood glucose examination; for use with FreeStyle Optium NEO.

FreeStyle Optium β-Ketone

FreeStyle Optium β-Ketone test strips provide type 1 patients with extra assurance thanks to blood ketone testing. Strips can be used with FreeStyle Optium NEO.


FreeStyle Lancing Device II (autolancets)

The device is used for obtaining capillary blood samples needed for blood glucose of for home testing or so called  ‘self monitoring’ of glycaemia. The lancing device offers 9 different settings.

Thin Lancets

Lancets (small syringes) are used with the FreeStyle Lancing Device II

Lancing devices Abbott SF

A single use lancing device using Comfort Zone Technology®, which enables a weaker pain stimulus, lowers the risk of needlestick injuries and cross infection. The product is designed for a professional healthcare staff. Each box contains 200 pieces.