Service Center

Fast, reliable and effective ... 
Quality, expertise and professional approach ...

TIMED, s.r.o. delivers full customer service, repairs and Technical Safety Inspections on supplied
medical devices of contracted partners.

Team of Service Specialists are trained directly with the manufacturers.

Range of services provided:

  • complete warranty and out-of-warranty service, and safety inspections on medical devices
    supplied by TIMED, s.r.o.
  • professional approach and a certified team of service specialists
  • regular technical inspections conducive to maintain medical devices in good condition, thus
    guaranteeing high safety standard for patients
  • Technical Safety Inspections performed using the latest testing technology
    FLUKE ESA 620 Medical
  • timely customer notification on expiration of Technical Safety Inspection
  • ability to perform diagnostics and software servicing remotely – TeamViewer
  • logging and archiving of any service in both written and electronic form
  • upgrading/modernization of medical devices



Lucia Kovácsová                                    Sales and Service Officer
phone: +421 918 930 629
fax: +421 2 48 20 95 61 

Tomáš Eliáš                              
Service Specialist
+421 905 439 610